{ linda + reggie | santa monica engagement }

This is an engagement session in the most literal sense – as in, they got engaged DURING THE SESSION. I love how the universe pulled everything together for this one.. a quick timeline of how everything transpired –

– Linda, soon-to-be engaged and ridiculously sweet, emails me regarding photographing her wedding this year.
– I find I’m unfortunately already booked in the month she was looking at.
– Super bummed-ness all around.
– A few weeks pass, I get an email from Reggie, saying he’ll be proposing to Linda soon, he knows we were in contact, and would I photograph the proposal?
– We plan it all out ninja-style (complete with code texts – I believe Reggie had me inputted in his phone as “Aunt Amy.”)
– The proposal happens at the lovely Santa Monica beach, we do portraits afterwards around the pier, and I get to work with this amazing couple after all!

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10 Responses to “{ linda + reggie | santa monica engagement }”

  1. Rachel Tatem Says:

    The joy… the pure joy. Great job!

  2. Megan Welker Says:

    sweetest thing EVER! I love it when guys do that! Gorgeousness all around Adrienne!

  3. lydia {ever ours} Says:

    oh me oh my! so freaking adorable!! love what you captured, adrienne!

  4. jackie g. photog Says:

    you captured the emotion of the moment perfectly! so sweet!

  5. candis Says:

    Oh, how sweet and wonderful. You captured it so beautifully Adrienne! Gorgeous couple, congratulations to them. :~)

  6. Younghee Conlon Says:

    Awesome~ and so beautifully executed! Beautiful couple indeed~!

  7. Sung & Jacqueine Says:

    Sometimes words cannot express how perfect and beautiful a moment is as expressed in these photos…

  8. shipra Says:

    yay, Reggie, you’re my hero. Every guy should have a photographer there to capture the proposal like this. The images of Linda seeing the ring, her expression, their smiles….so completely priceless.

  9. Holly Steen Says:

    Gorgeous.. of course.

  10. Ed Conlon Says:

    A wonderful,happy and joyous picture to see. Love is the most important thing after all and you both have it! Much success and happiness to both of you.

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