{ tricia + brian | ports o’call wedding }

On a sunny day in spring, at the quaint & lovely Ports O’Call Restaurant, Tricia & Brian were married. The day was an undeniable reflection of this amazing couple, filled with cultural traditions & personalized details, set against a backdrop of wonderful emotion. It never fails to warm my heart – seeing couples who are truly perfect for each other, who shine in each other’s presence, who just. fit.

And to top it all off, a vintagey robot theme? Be still my slightly-geeky heart! :) Even better – Tricia designed the ridiculously adorable robot logo that made appearances in various places throughout the day. Amazing!

Do the robot!

This little guy was the sweetest – so smiley! :)

Love this shot of Brian & the groomsmen, looking all dapper and such:

At the reception they had a bunch of Pacific island dance performances! So beautiful & so much fun!

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12 Responses to “{ tricia + brian | ports o’call wedding }”

  1. Cathy Says:

    Love all of the details at this wedding! The cake, he cuff-links, the dancers. Beautiful job capturing it!

  2. Abby Flores Says:

    A happy, blessed, fun filled day!!! Thank you for capturing all the special moments Adrienne… ;p

  3. Marissa Rodriguez Says:

    Loving the robot details!!! And such a beautiful bride!

  4. Gail Says:

    Things I love about this wedding, in no particular order:
    A wedding dress with gorgeous lace sleeves.
    Pacific Islander dancers.

    OK, so maybe there IS an order to this ;) Wonderful work Adrienne!

  5. Megan Welker Says:

    sooooo cute!! Love that theme! So unique :) & Their portraits rock!

  6. William Kim Says:

    loving all the colors. they just pop. robots rock.

  7. Linnea Says:

    Oh wow!! I love their bouquets – such a cute wedding! Beautiful photographs, Adrienne!

  8. Lyndsey Says:

    AMAZING!!! Beautiful couple, day and photography : )

  9. Joyce Rubenstein Says:

    Marvelous photographs which capture the joy and love of Brian and Tricia.

    Creative themes and wonderful colors.

    Bouquets are outstanding as are the shots of dancers and the robots were a knockout.

    When Brian and Tricia look at their wedding pictures in future years they are going to love remembering this truly memorable wedding.

  10. shipra Says:

    What a gorgeous bride! Love the details and colors they incorporated into their wedding, so vibrant and fun. And your coverage of the wedding is truly amazing!

  11. Silly Red Robot Says:

    […] Adrienne Gunde did a wonderful job with our wedding photos! She posted some of the best on her blog. There were over 800 photos taken, and we’ll upload more here soon! […]

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