{ anita + eric | pasadena engagement }

I adore the brainstorming process for engagement sessions! A meaningful location, perhaps a prop or two, or a theme, endless outfit choices… there are so many ways to personalize a session, and I loved going through the planning period with Anita & Eric. My heart skipped a beat as I opened Anita’s emails to see phrases like “vintage time-travel theme”, “hourglass stool”, “pink dress”, and best of all, “we went wild at Home Goods” :) I would conjure up all sorts of fantastical images along the way, but I was still blown away when I arrived to see all they had put together for the session! With this kind of excitement & dedication (and love!) from the couple, how could the session be anything but fabulous? :)

Can’t wait to see them (and Uyen! one of my most favorite coordinators) again for their wedding this June!

I would really love to have this pink gate in my house. kthxbye.

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8 Responses to “{ anita + eric | pasadena engagement }”

  1. shannon Says:

    ahhh! i’m dying.. this is freaking adorable! love the booths and her dress, not to mention how you captured it! so cute adrianne!

  2. jackie g. photog Says:

    so adorable!!

  3. William Kim Says:

    love the colors! b&w! love the creativity of your couples!


    ok those phone booth shots are pretty much awesome! love love love her dress!

  5. Stephen Grant Says:

    Awesome colors and mood! I always admire the forethought that goes into these, Adrienne! :)

  6. heather cherie photography Says:

    wow! what a great session! :) lovely color combinations! beautiful work!

  7. Doug Says:

    Beautiful photos! That is a huge hourglass!

  8. Caroline Manimtim Says:

    I am in love with the phone booth photos! They’re perfect!

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