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{ wppi 2011 | vegas shoot }

Monday, April 11th, 2011

Our second Vegas shoot {see the first one here!} took place along the Vegas strip. Loved all the colors, lights, and reflections we stumbled across! Again, the models were totally amazing, braving crazy wind & bitter cold for the sake of awesome photos.

The wonderful people who made it all happen…

Shoot organized by Alice Hu
Models: Shelli Anderson | Natalie Brewster | Marissa Knudsen
Hair: Hair by Shelli
Hair Accessories: {with styling by Ever Ours}
Wedding Gowns: Bonny Bridal

And a very special thank you to Lydia of Ever Ours for sharing these shoots on her blog last week! :) Her blog is one of my favorites and it’s always so much fun collaborating with her!

{ wppi 2011 | ghost town shoot }

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

WPPI! 2011! It was my third year attending this convention and as always, it was jam-packed with fun and friends and food and fotography. (See what I did there? Alliteration!) Some highlights of this year:

– Rooming with the sweetest ladies {Lydia, Serena & Alice!} and grubbing on shin cups late at night like we’re in the dorms or something
– Dancing so hard at Airplanes and Blazers I broke one of my heels (WOO HOO)
– Sipping pretty pink greyhounds with the lovely Traveling Heart ladies
– Walking away from the trade show with a shiny new Kelly Moore camera bag (I got the hobo! the mustard one!)
– Grabbing Mad Greek for lunch on the way back (a must when visiting Vegas)
– Coming home with the annual inevitable WPPI SARS and being out of commission for about a week. (OH WAIT, that is the opposite of a highlight, that is definitely the lowest of all lowlights, I’ve pretty much figured out that I can only exist in Vegas for 72 hours, any longer and I catch the bubonic plague.)
– Participating in two amazing shoots, one which you shall see below!

For this shoot, we drove out and out (and out) into the Vegas desert, and just when we were all pretty sure we’d be the stars in a “Nine Photographers Go Missing, 237 Weddings Now Photographer-less” article, we arrived at the most amazing little ghost town. They’ve shot all sorts of movies and commercials and ads there, but all you really need to know is that an Anthropologie catalog was photographed there once. THAT’S HOW CUTE IT IS.

Thank you so much to Alice Hu for being an organizational wizard and bringing everything together, to the amazing models for coming out, to Lydia for helping to style, and for providing us with the sweetest box of accessories to jazz up our shoot. So much fun!

Models: Shelli Anderson | Natalie Brewster | Marissa Knudsen

Wedding Gowns: Bonny Bridal

Hair: Hair by Shelli

Hair Accessories: {thanks to Ever Ours!}

{ karen + lipo | san francisco engagement photos }

Friday, April 1st, 2011

I’m always amazed how this city provides so much inspiration to me. It definitely helps that it offers so many amazing little locations to shoot, and I get to meet and work with such awesome couples everytime I’m up there for a session! One such location is the Japanese Tea Garden, tucked away in Golden Gate Park (why doesn’t LA have a park like this, WHY) and one such couple were Karen and Lipo. Are they not the sweetest? :)