{ meenah + shaobo | fogarty winery wedding }

Meenah & Shaobo’s wedding was my very last one of 2010, and I could not imagine a more beautiful ending to the wedding season!

I was beyond ecstatic to make my way up to nor Cal to document their day at Thomas Fogarty Winery, tucked up, up, and away in the hills of Woodside. {Have I mentioned how much I love shooting in the bay area? If you’re getting married there, do drop me a hello :)} The drive up the mountain itself was so mystical & breathtaking, and Megan & I were in utter awe – thick forests of evergreens, trees with bright yellow & red leaves, canopies that spread across the entire roadway, and just when you think it COULD NOT POSSIBLY get any more gorgeous, you see the winery. Now green vineyards are amazing, but the rows of golden vines literally took my breath away. It was my first time seeing the vines aglow in fall colors and all I could think about was shooting Meenah & Shaobo in that amazing spectacle. And that we did :)

The weather reports kept announcing a horrific 90% chance of showers, but as always always (always!) happens, the skies cleared for all the important parts of the day. As an added bonus, not one, not two, but FIVE rainbows made appearances at different points during the day, including a perfect one during the ceremony (WHAT DOES THIS MEAN??) But say, even if the weather hadn’t cleared, even if it had been pouring/snowing/hailing during every moment, the thing is you would never be able to tell with Meenah & Shaobo. They are seriously one of the sweetest couples I’ve met, full of smiles, and patience, and love. And, happily willing to trek out into muddy fields of grapes, in 50 degree weather, all for the sake of photos. My kind of couple :)

Meenah & Shaobo – thank you so much for allowing me to document this exciting time in your lives! I knew from our very first Skype meeting that it would be a complete joy & honor to work with you, and I’m so so happy the interwebs allowed us to connect! :) Wishing you so so many more years of love and happiness to come!

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14 Responses to “{ meenah + shaobo | fogarty winery wedding }”

  1. shaobo Says:

    double rainbow all the way. thanks for the wonderful pictures adrienne :) hope you enjoyed yourself at our wedding!

  2. gladys jem Says:

    holy cow. that rainbow shot makes me happy! beautiful work adrienne :)

  3. Nelly Says:

    A- I am loving the dreamy details. Are you using film there or just post processing? Night shots of the skyline are awesome!

  4. William Kim Says:

    love the last photo and the photo during the ceremony w/ the rainbow! great work Adrienne!

  5. cindy Says:

    all the shots are so lovely!


    love the vineyards when they start to turn yellow! beautiful adrienne!

  7. Kim Says:

    How beautiful was that rainbow shot?! Brilliant as always!

  8. Adrienne Says:

    Thanks so much everyone!

    @Nelly – Nope, no film, all of these are digital :)

  9. Lauren Says:

    Absolutely lovely images, Adrienne!! And bonus points for the double rainbow reference ;)

  10. Christina Brosnan Says:

    I smiled when I saw those dancing photos. You rocked it!

  11. Bonnie Says:

    Awww, love this shoot! I LOVE Thomas Fogarty winery! :P

  12. Mai Says:

    what a beautiful wedding!!! great shots. the flowers are SO lovely!!

  13. Brittany Says:

    Brides always freak out when it’s cloudy but the pictures look SO much better! AMAZING

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