{ up }

The first time it was cancelled due to “fog.”
The second time it was due to “Santa Ana winds.”
The third time because of “rain.”
I was pretty much expecting to get a call the next time saying “the trip is cancelled because the weather is just TOO BEAUTIFUL & LOVELY.”

But! It turns out the fourth time is the charm. And so, at 3:30am, I drove to meet up with Lydia & Mary {all of us on 0-2 hours of sleep since we had just been too too excited for sleeping}, and we headed down to Temecula for the early morning ride.

And as you can see, it was most definitely worth the wait.

(Useful fact: we bundled up like crazy because we figured it’d be freezing & windy on the ride, but apparently hot air balloons rides are really hot, because of all the… hot air. OH RIGHT.)


11 Responses to “{ up }”

  1. lydia {ever ours} Says:

    we did it! we finally finally did it!! thanks for these pics, adrienne! it was so fun to go on this with you both :)

  2. Ting Says:

    omg, love this! @lydia– love the short hair, so very cute! :) thanks for sharing!

  3. ayumi Says:

    Love it!! The shadows and colors are amazing and what a fun thing to do!

  4. Anwar Torres Says:

    Very cool I enjoyed it!

  5. Gail Says:

    AHHHH – what can I say about this post other than I wish so much I could have tagged along?!! haha

    This is fantastic! Those views, OMG! And that first shot of Mary? Well, Mary, you need to get that framed — Adrienne perfectly captured the way you feel about being up in the air there, didn’t she? FABULOUS!!!

    PS – OK, not that I’ve met Lydia (or any of you, actually), but I’m used to her profile pic on Twitter so her hair is different here and oh so adorable!

    You girls rock!

  6. Nessa K Says:

    That looks like it was so much fun! And the photos are pretty rockin, too =)

  7. Megan Welker Says:

    these are beautiful Adrienne!!!! I’m so happy that you guys fiiiinally got to do this!! What a fabulous experience!!

  8. Dandelion & Grey Says:

    I LOVE this! And the fact that I love the three of you makes it even better! What an experience :)


  9. William Kim Says:

    this is too cool!

  10. estherjulee Says:

    how cool is that! :)

  11. Linnea Says:

    Aww, you three are adorable! You took some absolutely amazing pictures. The colors are so vibrant and I can feel excitement and anticipation in the photographs. That must have been a wonderful experience!!

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