{ snapshots }

I’m always sharing random iPhone snaps on twitter, but realized I never really post any up here :) Thought I’d share a few to tide you over while I prep some soon-to-be posted weddings & sessions! All of the below are shot using my favorite photo app in the whole wide world, CrossProcess.

P.S. I love food, is it obvious.

san francisco.

{the shot above really reminds me of Inception for some reason… right…? see it? anyone??}

vail, colorado.

los angeles.

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8 Responses to “{ snapshots }”

  1. Terry Says:

    Postcard Row! Yeah, FULL HOUSE!

  2. connie M chung Says:

    love that each city is SO different! love the pics even more!

  3. Dr. D Says:

    Domo! Derek! Loooooooove your blog. You should do photography for a living or something.

  4. Joan Solitario Says:

    i love food too! i think all my iPhone shots are of food :P

  5. Gail Says:

    I love seeing life from your iPhone. You live it so well :)

  6. Mary Says:

    you seriously have such a unique and lovely way of viewing life! I always LOVE seeing the snaps you take wherever you go..they always are amazing (and yummy)!

  7. Alice Hu Says:

    love this adrienne! beautiful.

  8. Scotty K Says:

    been checking out the website and i have to say your pics are so awesome. love the work adrienne. keep it up and hope all is well.

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