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{ just a peek }

Friday, September 10th, 2010

It is no big secret that I love blogs :) And while much of my blog-stalking in the past couple years has been devoted to wedding blogs, the super-close runner up has always been design blogs. I swear it happens everyday – that I stick my laptop violently in Scott’s face and proclaim that THIS! is my new favorite living room, or how we HAVE TO HAVE that solid ash vintagey mid-century rocker, and how that coffee table is the one thing that has been missing in my life all these years and I FINALLY FOUND IT.

I have a little secret fantasy (or not so secret, since I just professed it to the entire interwebs) that our humble abode can one day be featured on Design*Sponge, the mother of all design blogs. And though the bits and pieces are coming along very (very) slowly, it’s a sweet feeling to be building up a space that you love. Our most recent purchase was a teak-colored sideboard (which we’ve since cleverly{?} named “Cyborg the Sideboard”), that I promptly adorned with lots of random tidbits. So basically, I figured since I love peeking into everyone else’s homes oh so very much, I might as well share this tiny peek into mine :)

And yes, those are the same chinese lanterns from here – they’ve faded quite a bit but it’s almost fall which means I’ll be able to get a new batch any day now!

And yes, the wall is ridiculously stark. The plan is for the New York prints to soon (supposedly) spawn an entire wall full of awesome framed stuff.

{ colleen + keean | occidental wedding }

Monday, September 6th, 2010

Colleen & Keean were married at the beautiful Occidental College, the very location where their relationship began and grew. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – we are ridiculously lucky to work with couples who are so in love… because with all the kissing & the smiling & the laughing & the tears, the photos desperately want to make themselves :)

The warm summer day was accented with the juiciest {quite literally} color palette.. bright tangerines & greens, with real fruit incorporated into the crisp arrangements. I had seen citrus decor before, but the talented & creative Kim of Art with Nature also incorporated kiwis & grapes for unique centerpieces that quite literally looked good enough to eat. Beware.. these detail shots might just make you crave something delicious & citrusy :)

Thank you to Kim for introducing us to Colleen & Keean, and to the amazing couple for inviting us to photograph their special day!

Such a sweet first look…

LOVE all the lush roses on the cake…