{ zena + dennis | long beach engagement }

Zena + Dennis + fishies + neon lights + parks + sandy shores = fun! I was excited to shoot at the Long Beach Aquarium for the first time, but found I was almost even more excited about the highly underrated beach we found after. A lovely long expanse of sand with the calmest smoothest waves at the horizon.. between shots I kept telling them how “IT LOOKS LIKE THAILAND!”

Zena and Dennis are so laidback, so down to earth, and just the kinds of wonderful people you’d want to surround yourself with.. I’m so excited for their perfect 10/10/10 wedding!

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9 Responses to “{ zena + dennis | long beach engagement }”

  1. William Kim Says:

    love the framing between the palm trees! always love the use of flare as well!

  2. Sandy a la Mode Says:

    love those nice landscape shots adrienne!! the light was just amazing… what a fun couple!

  3. Garrick Says:

    Very nice! Looking forward to the big date! Esp like the shot where Zena is pushing Denni’s hand onto the sea urchin.

  4. Stephen Grant Says:

    That’s so fun you had the chance to shoot at the aquarium! Love the sense of scale and space with the palm trees. Best of luck to them on 10-10-10 :)

  5. Terry Says:

    Wow, that last pic is my favorite! Awesome work as always, Adrienne. Hope to meet you (officially) soon :-)

  6. Anne Leong Says:

    You were made for each other. What a beautiful couple Yeah! Very romatic.

  7. Julie Ann Says:

    Love this shoot Adrienne! The couple looked like so much fun and the locations fit them perfectly! I’m a sucker for aquariums :)

  8. Suzanne Says:

    That is such a cool idea to have an engagement shoot in an aquarium!

  9. Adrienne Gunde Photography | Los Angeles Orange County Wedding Photographer » Blog Archive » { zena + dennis | downtown LA wedding } Says:

    […] A cute beta fish was swimming around in each centerpiece as a tribute to Dennis’s love for fish/coral tanks, and their aquarium-themed engagement session… […]

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