{ Palm Springs 2010 }

10 girl photographers in the desert!

A quick break in the midst of wedding season, a chance to interact, to share stories poolside, to laugh over midday snacks of hummus & carrots, to have the sense of “coworkers”, when so much of our days are spent alone in front of a glowy computer screen. From the moment I entered the wedding industry, I was so amazed by the lack of “competition” and by the overabundance of sharing & love, and these girls embody that love in every ounce of their being {in addition to being smart, sweet & hilarious!} I feel blessed to call them friends!

We stayed at the uber hip & lovely Ace Hotel, pretty much splitting our time equally between the pool & the room since it was literally 427 degrees out. The Ace was the perfect place for both relaxation & for photos – seriously, gorgeous photo ops EVERYWHERE! YOU! LOOK! I’m including some of my favorite snaps from the trip here, as well as a fantastic stop-motion video the talented Mary created & put together!

All in all, an amazing trip that left me feeling inspired and refreshed! Can’t wait for Catalina 2011!

STOPtheMOTION Friday! Take:16 from Floataway Studios on Vimeo.

The light at the Ace Hotel was absolutely breathtaking – so soft & pretty!

Amanda made us all these FANTASTIC goodie bags filled with the most amazing goodies – a smores pack, a cupcake in a jar, a pop-of-color water bottle… it was such a treat to arrive in PS to find these!

The food at the Ace was just divine! On the left is the ALT (which I’m pretty sure stands for “ADRIENNE LOVES THIS”, and which I supplemented with lots & lots of bacon):

Thanks to Jordana for the 2nd pic!

Thank you Ashley, Heather, Heidi, Jackie, Jordana, Ala, Mary, Megan & Amanda for a wonderful trip! { image courtesy of Heather :) }

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10 Responses to “{ Palm Springs 2010 }”

  1. cindy Says:

    looks like a lovely getaway, and the video made me smile :)

  2. Alison Z. Says:

    This trip looks so wonderful! You are so lucky to have such a great group of friends to share a weekend with :)

  3. jackie g. photog Says:

    how cute!! and i love that necklace with the white flowers!

  4. Gail Says:

    How much fun are YOU GIRLS?!!!! So incredibly jealous (but also super happy for the community you’ve got for yourself there). I love my friends in the photo industry as much as you do too!! :)

  5. Andrea Chu Says:

    It looked like you had so much fun! What a nice weekend getaway and I loved the video. Way too cute!


    looks like you girls had a rad time! love that smores box. mmm…smores.

  7. Alice Says:

    you girls are so cute!!!

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