{ Colleen + Keean | Los Angeles Engagement }

A sweet session at one of my most favorite neighborhood spots! Colleen and Keean were immediately at ease in front of the camera, perhaps partially due to the fact that they are so perfectly at ease with each other – they delved right into what I hope couples will do at these sessions… interact, soak in each other’s presence, and almost almost forget the camera’s there. They trusted each other for laughs & smiles, and they trusted me to capture them in my most favorite way. I loved how relaxed and casual this session felt {and Colleen’s pop-of-color marigold cardigan – I loved that too!}

Stay tuned for their crisp summertime wedding coming soon!

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7 Responses to “{ Colleen + Keean | Los Angeles Engagement }”

  1. Gail Says:

    GORGEOUS! And where was her yellow top when I was looking for something for my own photo session last week?!! I LOVE that color and I looked everywhere for it, and it was nowhere to be found!

  2. leila Says:

    lovely adrienne! i love it up there :) hope all is well and you are enjoying the lovely sunshine we are having! :)

  3. Stefani Says:

    Hi Adrienne! :D
    This is such an amazing session! You did a BEAUTIFUL job! I really love your work!

  4. Shannon Gillespie Says:

    That first photo has SO much love in it. You’ve done so weel with these – they are just gorgeous. And it’s certainly a beautiful spot for photos.

  5. Mali Says:

    These are gorgeous Adrienne! Amazing work as always. Your couples are so lucky they found YOU!

  6. Lisa Says:

    Beautiful photo shoot! They look so cute together!

  7. Dandy Says:

    They do look incredibly comfortable and so enthralled with each other.. love it!

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