{ V | Boudoir }

I absolutely love boudoir sessions – the images result in an intimate gift that will make your fiance’s jaw drop, but even more so, it’s a chance to have fun, to celebrate yourself and embrace your beauty. The feedback I get from girls afterwards always makes me so happy – that they come out of the session feeling beautiful & empowered, that they felt they could relax & be themselves. I always shoot with the hope of capturing not only the sexy side, but the fun, feminine, romantic sides of every girl :)

I had so much fun with V – she’s stunning and the camera completely adored her, and I love that she thoughtfully chose to incorporate a couple cute cupcakes into this session, since her fiance has a big sweet tooth! She also brought the sweetest bottle of wine; I am a HUGE sucker for wine bottles with cute, creative labels (I’ll buy a bottle just because the design is oh-so-pretty) and this one was just perfect for the occasion.

Thank you to V for her kind permission to share these images here :)

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13 Responses to “{ V | Boudoir }”

  1. Katie Stoops Says:


  2. Mary Says:

    absolutely stunning!!! beautiful images Adrienne! She is gorgeous and I can tell you made her feel it inside and out!

  3. jackie g. photog Says:

    soooo pretty!! what hotel did you shoot in?

  4. Gail Says:

    Helllooooo hot stuff! LOOOVEE those black and whites especially. Feel like they belong in Esquire. And quite frankly, that’s the highest compliment I can give a boudoir session!

  5. Adrienne Says:

    @Jackie – It’s at the Shade Hotel in Manhattan Beach :)

  6. Christine Says:

    Love every single one! She’s gorgeous, and definitely a natural! I like the touch of lipstick on the wine glass. :]

  7. Brianna Phelan Says:

    Adrienne, these are gorgeous! I love all of the detail that you captured and the shots through the windows are awesome!

  8. Lauren Says:

    Daaang she’s hot. Lucky fiance ;)

  9. Sandy Says:

    these are sooo hot hot hot adrienne! can i sign up for one of these? =P well i’d prob need to get into shape first… and buy some lingerie haha

  10. cindy Says:

    its all so fabulous! beautiful compositions :)

  11. Wedding Magician Says:

    Wow these pictures are very very good – I know how hard it is to take boudouir photos and make them look sensual.

    You have managed to do it very well.


  12. Lynn's Make-Up Art Says:

    Love the photos Adrienne! It was so fun meeting and working with you!! Looking forward to seeing you again at the wedding ;))

  13. Jen Says:

    GREAT idea. these photos are beautiful. Nice work….both of you!

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