{ Sylvia + Kenny }

On a rare lazy Sunday, Scott & I visited a little overlook I had been wanting to see to enjoy a bit of the outdoors. We brought our cameras {including our new film cameras – more on that soon!} and had fun snapping away at the amazing skyline, the gorgeous wildflowers, each other — but I couldn’t help but secretly think (okay I lied, I thought it very much out loud) how I wished I had a fabulous couple to shoot at this new Best Location In the Universe.

I actually was SO SO ANTSY that I called my sister on the drive home, told her I had found a photographer’s paradise, and asked if her & her awesome bf Kenny would be up for a photoshoot that very week. Luckily, my sister is a photographer as well, completely understood my crazy photographer needs, and agreed without a second thought. I firmly believe my little sis is way more stylish & photogenic than I am, but see any sisterly resemblance? :)

A big thank you to my sister & Kenny for agreeing to this shoot and braving the craziest of winds for these photos. I am so so excited we could work out this shoot even in the midst of wedding season.

P.S. Note to anyone having a heart attack at this moment (aka Mom) – these are just for fun & NOT engagement photos :)

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17 Responses to “{ Sylvia + Kenny }”

  1. Christine Says:

    I love every single one! You have such a creative eye. <3 Haha. And they both look like models! Super cute. :]

  2. Sandy Says:

    these engagement photos are beautiful!! haha jk (on the engagement part)=P altho they do look like engagement pics haha! but this is really a great location and you had some great lighting! your sister is sooo pretty and i can see the resemblance to u too! =)

  3. William Kim Says:

    awesome location! the last set of photos with the wind blowing and the sun bouncing off the grass are spectacular!

  4. Melissa @ The Loveliest Day Says:

    Ooh, I LOVE these! Especially the first one, and the ones where they are sitting with the grass blowing around them. Apparently, windy makes for great photos:)

  5. kim le Says:

    OMG love these Adrienne!

  6. cindy Says:

    those are ALL beautiful shots, and such great light. you and your sister are both very pretty!

  7. lydia {ever ours} Says:

    oh my good golly gosh! adrienne…jaw permanently stuck on the ground. your sister is gorgeous!!

  8. Nelly Says:

    Love this fun session! So sweet and innocent and playful!

  9. connie M chung Says:

    ahhh! LOVE LOVE this post! you guys totally look like sisters! so cute! yay for baby sisters!

  10. Mary Says:

    such a beautiful couple, location and images! you are so good at what you do Adrienne! Love it all! <3

  11. estherjulee Says:

    what a great session. i do see a resemblance. Both of you are equally beautiful and photogenic. :)

  12. catherine Says:

    I love the disclaimer to your mom. LOL. Love this location!

  13. Dandelion & Grey Says:

    I LOVE these Adrienne!!! Beautiful!! This location is on of my favorite places & I’m so glad to see such a beautiful shoot there!!

    p.s. We TOTALLY need to have a culver city picnic SOON! xoxo

  14. Mai Says:

    Yes Sylvia is so stylishly cute! love the wind & light.

  15. nancy {so happi together} Says:

    oh wow! The location is amazing!!! And your sister is SO adorable! Good genes definitely run in the family! :) xoxo!!

  16. ayumi Says:

    Amazing location!!

  17. Diana Says:

    just ran into your page….love love these pictures all your pictures actually… where is this at?.. looks like a hiking trail… stunning work

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