{ Carrie + Matt | Griffith Park/Hollywood Bowl Engagement }

Carrie & Matt’s story begins at the Hollywood Bowl. Carrie was performing in the choir of a show and Matt worked behind-the-scenes at the Bowl. When they awesomely suggested doing their engagement session there, I was a) completely elated and b) a little confused. My visits there were always happy, involving balmy summer days & amazing sounds courtesy of The Decemberists, Death Cab for Cutie, & Tegan and Sara. But they have also been marked by insane crowds, sitting at the tippy-top of the wooden bench seating, and tandem parking webs of death. It boggled my mind to imagine that the bowl was open to the public during the day, that we could run amok through ALL the seating (box seats! box seats!), and that we could possibly be – wait for it – THE ONLY ONES THERE.

It was a beautiful morning. Carrie & Matt are so fun & laidback and they were kindly on board with me asking them to run to all corners of the Bowl (we’re standing in the box seats!!) I am beyond excited for their wedding next month at Senshin Buddhist Temple. Not only is it going to be unlike any wedding we have done, Senshin holds fond memories for me of obon festivals, gatherings, and taiko practices/performances. I know it is going to make an amazing backdrop for their wedding!

We started off the session at Griffith Park. I love how green everything was due to the recent rains…

It was so cool being on the other side of the stage & peeking through…

Below is the very spot where they first met. It was so sweet watching them get a bit teary-eyed as they reminisced…

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10 Responses to “{ Carrie + Matt | Griffith Park/Hollywood Bowl Engagement }”

  1. Sandy Says:

    adrienne, these are stunning! i love all the different angles you shoot with! the architecture at both locations is beautiful!

  2. cindy Says:

    all that open space from being the only ones there made for some immense pictures! great job adrienne, as always :)

  3. Mai Says:

    aw, i love it! so perfect!!!

  4. lydia {ever ours} Says:

    no way! hollywood bowl open all to public during the day! awesome session, adrienne :)

  5. Gail Says:

    ADORE the shot of them where they met. Such a sweet look on both their faces! When we were out in LA in October, I was really hoping someone would be playing at the Bowl that I wanted to see. But no such luck! I seriously think it was like, Barry Manilow! haha …. Death Cab would have been MUCH better!

    Gorgeous work and I LOVE her shoes!

  6. Genna Says:

    These shots are spectacular! I’m so excited for the wedding!!!

  7. ashleigh Says:

    beautiful session adrienne!!!!!! :) really really a special one ;)

  8. Joan Solitario Says:

    Sooo Cooool that you got to shoot around the Hollywood Bowl!

  9. ohana photographers Says:

    such a sweet session adrienne!

  10. Will Kim Says:

    love these! the shots at the Hollywood bowl rock!

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