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{ Kaitlyn, One Year }

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

On a sunny winter morning, I met up with Amy, Andy & Kaitlyn for a portrait session by the sea. I was so fortunate to have met them through Andrea + Taro last year, and to be able to capture some photographs of Kaitlyn just past her first birthday. I love all the props Amy brought along – a tutu, a cake {which Kaitlyn happily devoured}, bubbles, and a bundle of pink balloons. Kaitlyn has such a sweet and adventurous personality and it was so much fun watching her explore her surroundings!

{ Suzanne + Robert, Part I | UCLA Engagement Photography }

Monday, February 8th, 2010

It’s an amazing thing how memories can turn a regular place into the most beautiful location. What was once just a coffee shop, or a city park, or a stretch of shops, becomes a place you recall in your mind with so much love and adulation. Suzanne & Rob chose UCLA for their engagement session, a location that served as the place where they first met (a story not too different from Scott & my own :), and as we walked around the campus, they pointed out the spots where their memories were created.

I loved how the session came out – it wasn’t the cover of a UCLA brochure, with Royce Hall & the Sculpture Garden in the background, it was the UCLA that Suzanne & Rob remembered best. It was the hallways where they had neighboring offices, where they belonged to student coalitions fighting hunger and homelessness in LA, it was the “less-scenic” South Campus where they would meet between classes, it was the back lunch patio by a familiar building.

I hope when Suzanne & Robert look through these photos, they can feel filled to the brim with memories of excitement and happy moments :)

Stay tuned for Part II, camping in the wilderness! A tent, hot chocolate, and piggy back rides soon to come!

Suzanne told me that she specifically bought her shirt for the session, & that it was from *swoon* none other than Anthropologie. I think Anthro’s romantic styles always look so beautiful in photos!

{ Macaron Adventures }

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Oh, the macaron. To think that I was so clueless about your colorful little existence until just a couple years ago, when I had already lived some 20-something years without you. But since that fateful day at Jin, you have consumed my thoughts, sending me on a search to try delectable varieties throughout LA and even prompting a TOTALLY AWESOME dream of a macaron warehouse, that was stacked floor to ceiling with the pastel morsels of heaven. (Of course I woke up before I got to try ANY, because that’s how those things go.)

I’ve been meaning to create this post since the holidays, when I experienced an influx of macaron-ness in my life. It all started when I was “holiday shopping” at Urban, and as always happens when I’m “holiday shopping” a few too many presents for me made it into my basket. As I browsed the book section, my favorite part of the store, I came across this gem:

A book. ALL ABOUT MACARONS. I squealed, flipped through the matte & minimalist pages and hustled it over to the register, where I proceeded to totally confuse the salesgirl. “What IS this?” she said, staring at the cover. And then I got beet-red and suddenly starting thinking… who buys a book on JUST MACARONS? AM I THE ONLY ONE? IS MY OBSESSION THAT OBVIOUS?

And then she followed with: “are these tiny little hamburgers or something?”

And I realized it wasn’t that she was questioning why someone would buy a book on macarons, but that she didn’t even know WHAT THEY WERE. I wiped away a single tear of sorrow in remembrance of my pre-macaron life, and proceeded to explain frantically what amazing things they are. And having been converted, she packed up my book & sent me on my way,which leads us to Holiday Macaron Madness, Part II:

So all the reading and the talking and the thinking about macarons had then led to an unfortunate and acute macaron craving. I HAD to have one IMMEDIATELY, but I was at the Del Amo Mall in Torrance, far far away from LA and it’s slew of little macaron shops. And then I remembered that a little (okay, ginormous) chain of coffee houses had recently started offering macarons. So, hopelessly desperate, I went there, and I got these:

You can read reviews on the Starbucks macarons everywhere, but I’ll just tell you, for being mass produced, and flown across an OCEAN, and refrigerated for possibly days and days and weeks and years, they weren’t totally bad. Some of the flavors were better than others and they were chewier than other legit macarons I’ve had, but I like ’em chewy. Either way, I got my fix.

Now here comes Part III, which is, in my opinion, the most awesome part. Fast forward a few days later to my birthday. Scott and I are at home and I’m opening up my first gift of the day, the one from him. From your deduction properties, you can probably already guess that they were macarons. But did you guess that they were FELT macarons? Because that’s exactly what they were:

Oh. EM. Gee. As Scott intercepted me from trying to stuff them all into my mouth, he explained that he bought them from our friend’s Etsy shop, Little Fluff Stuff. Janelle is insanely talented and produces all sorts of general felt food & desserts goodness, that has you in a neverending dilemma between whether they should be cuddled or ingested. {Side note: those perfect blue cups were also part of the gift.. they’re vintage & I LOVE the bright color!)

And that concludes this round of macaron adventures. There will be more to come, especially since a little group of macaron-lovers has formed and we’ve been trying a few different places around LA. Stay tuned for our trip to Paulette!