{ Mai + John | Downtown LA Engagement }

I’m a wee bit envious of Mai & John who live in the heart of downtown LA. Everytime I pass through downtown there is a new amazing restaurant, collection of lofts for sale, wine bar, line of shops – it would be quite dreamy to live in an airy loft near Little Tokyo, being just a few steps away from ramen, or fancy schmancy hot dogs, & tons of perfect cafes. The next best thing though, of course, is to shoot there :)

I love the arts district and Mai & John worked it so well! We found lots of great spots before heading to Union Station to finish up. Such a fun afternoon – so excited for their wedding come July!

P.S. This has never happened before, but we randomly bumped into 3 (3!) photographers that we knew during this session – Serena, Dave, & my sister. We bumped into the last one first, and as I was chatting with Mai & John, explaining, “yeah, the arts district is really popular for photoshoots”, Scott goes “um, I think that’s your sister.” Crazy!

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15 Responses to “{ Mai + John | Downtown LA Engagement }”

  1. lydia Says:

    oh i love the fountain sequence! too cute! and the one of them sitting back to back in the chairs too.

  2. cinsy Says:

    ooh, looks like a fun shoot. love the ones with graffiti in the scene.

  3. William Kim Says:

    i agree, the fountain sequence is awesome! the shot at union station rocks too!

  4. Gail Says:

    Girl, if I ever make it to LA again, I SOOOO want to hit you up for ramen! I never made it downtown when I was out there, but oh, I would KILL to have that city for my photographic playground.

    You make it all look so great! :)

    PS – I’m armed with Rx drugs now, so here’s to REALLY feeling better :)

  5. Sandy Says:

    my fave one is of john jumping up really high by the fountain with mai underneath! jumping shots are NOT easy to capture, i know, b/c i LOVE jumping shots but they always turn out blurry for me! gotta have fast shutter speed yea?? the one of their feet next to the flowers is really lovely too adrienne!

  6. Curtis Wallis Says:

    The shot jumping by the fountain is great. What a unique fountain to use as a background

  7. Kevin Tsang Says:

    Great shot through the fence. Guy’s got hops.

  8. Josie Says:

    These are so adorable! I love the first ones escpecially!

  9. connieMchung Says:

    sooo pretty & romantic! love their outfits! :)

  10. Syreena B Says:

    I am sUPer envious too! Especially being that I am currently sitting on our 3rd month of snow here on the East Coast :( These are beautiful Adrienne, as always!

  11. Holly Steen Says:

    Totally gorgeous.
    Love love love.
    You did such a great job! I think that you made each location look unique and special for the couple!

  12. Sean Says:

    Really, really love the simplicity of all these. They’re just gorgeous photos, simple moments. You have such great style, truly unique.

  13. Louis Says:

    jumping shots!! great stuff as always

  14. Noel Says:

    What fun, enerygy, beauty, creativity! Amazing job on these girl! Love what you see. :-)

  15. Cathy Crawley Says:

    These are great! I love all the jumping shots :)

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