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It is 7 am, bright and early in Cathleen’s bridal suite. Victor, accompanied by his groomsmen, arrives at her door, eager to see his bride. But he is met with a barricade of bridesmaids, armed with a list of demands should Victor want to make his way to Cathleen. And so ensues a series of cruel and unusual tasks, right in the hallway of the Pasadena Westin, not limited to removing a garter from one of his groomsmen’s legs and a slew of post-wedding push-ups. But the best & final task is a song – a song of all the reasons he loves Cathleen. And through all the laughing, and the erratic dancing of his groomsmen, and the silly fun atmosphere, Cathleen sat hidden in her bridal suite listening to Victor’s makeshift song. And you could see from the shining glimmer in her eyes, that though his song was silly, his words rang true, and they resonated in her heart.

It was our longest wedding of the year, and though I can’t lie and say I wasn’t slightly terrified of what might become of my feet, the day flew by due to the perfect flow and the relaxed atmosphere that filled every moment. We moved from a tea ceremony at the Westin, to another tea ceremony at Victor’s parents’ home, to Caltech for photos, to a beautiful backyard ceremony, and finally a lively reception.

In between we got tons of portraits, and it made me so happy that Cathleen and Victor put such trust in us for their photos. They were on board with all the ideas I had – many of which included a bright red umbrella that I was itching the use the moment I laid eyes on it!

Cathleen & Victor – thank you so much for inviting us to share in your wedding, for your extreme kindness and hospitality, and for the Lupicia teas! {how did you know they are my favorite?} We are so happy for you & this new chapter of your lives together!

I LOVED the colorful pops of color that adorned the ceremony:

This kid was absolutely AMAZING. He was the most adept & coordinated picture-taking-toddler I have ever seen.

And apparently he wasn’t the only one! More child prodigy photographers at this wedding than I’ve ever encountered!

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13 Responses to “{ Cathleen + Victor | Pasadena Wedding Photography }”

  1. Joan Solitario Says:

    Awesome job Adrienne! You’re right! Those kids and the cameras!?!? Wow! Especially the one holding the DSLR! :o)

  2. Jen Ing Says:

    you have such a sweet and romantic way of capturing weddings! love this one. also, those camera-wielding kids are hilarious. i love that the first little guy is even looking through the viewfinder…i haven’t seen someone do that with a p&s in a long time. :)

  3. jen berry Says:

    i love the shot walking out the hotel lobby. it’s so meaningful. Also that jumping shot has so much personality. Awesome. your details shots are always so perfect!!!

  4. Stephen Grant Says:

    You’re shooting through the stratosphere on these! :) Such colorful and emotional captures, Adrienne. Lovely portraits, and I adore red umbrellas and was just talking to someone about them today — thought it was triggered by the rain, but must be your blog sending out powerful vibes! Sweet work!!

  5. jackie g Says:

    ohmigosh…those kid shots are hilarious!! beautiful as usual!!

  6. Syreena B Says:

    I LOVE your wedding photos!! There is something super soft about them that I love so much….keep bringing it girlie…you inspire me :)

  7. Lauren Miyake Says:

    They’re all beautiful…. buuut the wide shot under the tree is my favorite. Hands down.

  8. Dandy Says:

    That umbrella is soooo fantastic! I just love what the bridesmaids put that groom thru. What fun!

  9. ohana photographers Says:

    beautiful couple, love the reds!!! the shot of the little guy taking a pic is my fav!!

  10. Christine Says:

    Gorgeous pictures as usual! LOVE the red umbrella and LOVE your detail shots. :)

  11. Kelly Zhang Says:

    very pretty!!

  12. Jenn Says:

    i really like that gold and red chinese character in the back of their final photo. where was the chinese meal? i’ve been looking for a fancier chinese venue. thanks!

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