{ Kelie + Kaare | Santa Monica Pier Engagement }

I was so excited when Kelie contacted me for their engagement session! They had not yet set a date or location for their wedding, but wanted to do a session around the colorful Santa Monica Pier. I have shot at the pier quite a few times (this was in fact the first of 2 in 2 weeks!) but I loved the challenge of finding new spots and putting new spins on old ones. And of course, Kelie & Kaare’s personalities and love created a session that was so uniquely them. I adore when a location reflects who a couple is, and I really think the bright pier and the calm beach was THE perfect backdrop for their chill yet ridiculously fun personalities!

My favorite shots of the day? The ones with the cotton candy! In all our SM pier shoots, this was the first where we incorporated this delightful (yet sticky) treat.

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17 Responses to “{ Kelie + Kaare | Santa Monica Pier Engagement }”

  1. cindy Says:

    aww, all so pretty. the cotton candy ones ARE great :)

  2. Christine Says:

    Love the shot of them dancing! They’re a super cute couple. :)

    P.S. Hi Kelie! Haha.

  3. Brianna Phelan Says:

    So so very sweet. Love them all – great shots :)

  4. William Kim Says:

    the cotton candy is huge! love the location! great stuff!

  5. connieMchung Says:

    these are just too cute! and how can you not LOVE the cotton candy ones! :)

  6. Dandy Says:

    They are such perfect pictures I can’t even pick a favorite! What a seriously adorable couple and so obviously in love.

  7. Tina Says:

    My favorite one is #19 – walking on the beach. The composition is perfect! Love the cotton candy shots! How come I didn’t think of it when we did our engagement photos?! What a lovely idea! You guys look so cute!

  8. Cherry Says:

    they’re such a cute couple! I love the pier location, real cute :)

  9. marlin munoz Says:

    These just scream FUN!!! Great job on these images!!

  10. Nelly Chung Says:

    Very nice Adrienne. What time of day was this e-session shot at and what lenses are you using?

  11. Jean Tsai Says:

    lurves!!! what a cute couply couple!!!!

  12. Nick Odani Says:

    I’m especially proud to say even though it’s titled “Kelie + Kaare,” that it took me like, forever to realize that was indeed Kelie and her Kaare.

    I’m a trained observer, by the way, haha.

    I do likey the end product though.

  13. Cathy Crawley Says:

    These are so cute! They remind me of my day at Santa Monica, if only my card hadn’t failed and left me without photos :( Maybe I should get you to take some more for me when I next visit the US!

  14. ohana photographers Says:

    loooove shootin at the pier!!! cotton candy are my favs!

  15. Stephen Grant Says:

    Another score at the pier! The use of the cotton candy is just divine! The nose to nose makes me smile bunches :)

  16. Muffin Says:

    Love your photos. Simply put… Beautiful and Inspiring!

  17. Joshua K Says:

    Sooooo sweet…!!

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