{ Angela + John | San Juan Capistrano Engagement }

Angela and John met at a taekwondo studio. Angela’s very first impression of John was that he was cute, but also incredibly intimidating. Intimidating despite the fact that she was the teacher and he was the student. And despite the fact that she had conquered 3 degrees of blackbelt and had competed in national and world championships. Her sparring record and perfect form was all no match for the tall and intimidating student in her class, and Angela decided she would have nothing to do with approching him anytime soon.

And then one fateful day, Angela was working in the studio office and in entered a slightly disgruntled John. An accidental $700 overcharge on a class is hardly ever a good thing, but in this case, it was the very thing that sparked their first conversation, their relationship, and then their love. The studio’s little error brought together two people who are ridiculously perfect together and will be marrying this May at San Juan Capistrano Mission!

They love the entire area, so we decided to do their engagement session in San Juan Capistrano as well, spending time at the train depot and the little colorful houses that line the road behind it. I love the light, the colors, and all the little spots we found!

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8 Responses to “{ Angela + John | San Juan Capistrano Engagement }”

  1. Joan Solitario Says:

    Beautiful pictures to go with their beautiful story! Thanks for Sharing Adrienne!

  2. Jamie Lynn Villegas Says:

    Angela, I am so happy for you! I love love love your shoes and my favorite is the picture of you two sitting in the grass! Congrats…you are beautiful and look like an amazing couple!!!

  3. Brittany Marzocchetti Says:

    Amazing pictures Ang! You both look great!

  4. Jenny Says:

    Love the one with them sitting down and him kissing her! Good job Adrienne !

  5. Dandy Says:

    What a great story of how they met!

    Lovely pictures, I love the ones in front of the house and the ones with the flower!

  6. connieMchung Says:

    hehe. i LOVE how they met! and the pictures are fantabulous! i too love the light & colors! :)

  7. Sean Says:

    Really, really love your style. Love the first and second the most.

  8. Stephen Grant Says:

    Great love story + darling spot + mad photo skills = great session!

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