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{ Trish + Sammy | Long Beach Wedding Photography }

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

It is an amazing thing to witness the dynamic between a couple. And an even more amazing thing to observe this on one of the most important days they will ever share together. From the moment I entered the room where Trish was getting ready, she was smiling, radiant, blissful. She offered us the sweetest hello, she laughed with her bridesmaids, she beamed as her veil was placed atop her head. But none of it compared to the happiness she exudes when she is around Sammy – the kind that surfaced when she saw him for the first time that day, from him just being around, the smiles that came from standing by his side.

And Sammy is the most amazingly nice guy, always watching out for everyone, completely easygoing and warm-hearted. But the kindness he shows Trish is of another kind – the insurmountable kind, the kind where he spent their wedding day giving her the sweetest looks, making sure she was always happy and warm, and bringing out her most radiant smiles.

And these types of relationships are what we get the photograph.

Trish and Sammy were married at the Long Beach Renaissance Hotel on a sunny deck, surrounded by their closest family and friends. I am completely in love with downtown Long Beach and Trish & Sammy allowed some time before the ceremony for us to photograph them & their bridal party in the area around the hotel. We had such a wonderful time documenting their day!

I love Trish’s turquoise robe… donning something pretty or colorful for the getting-ready photos makes a world of difference!

{ Fave Finds: Fall Decor }

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Last week, in the midst of a nasty cold, I drove myself to the grocery store to pick up the one thing I had decided would make me feel better: tomato basil soup + an oozy grilled cheese. I planned to be in and out and back in bed in a matter of minutes, and did in fact blaze through the store in record time, but just as I was about to hit the checkout stand, a basket full of shiny autumn-colored goodies caught my eye. It was a basket of squash & gourds, in all shapes and colors and sizes – and so I spent the next 15 minutes picking out the perfect five. (I actually walked halfway to the register when I thought I had my perfect set, only to walk back to the basket because NO! it was not quite yet perfect.)

And it seemed that my squash spree set off a wonderful influx of decorating wonders into my life, because within the next 2 days I came across two more wonderful finds. The first was a bundle of Chinese lanterns, one of my favorites. I had a single bloom while I was in Japan that lasted the entire year I was there and have been coveting some ever since. Would these not be amazing in a bouquet (see a gorgeous option here in Martha Stewart) or a centerpiece? I may or may not have plans a-brewing to use them in a shoot…

(Almost everything in the above photos are from Etsy. The vase is by Jill Rosenwald and is one of my most favorite things in my home – I want to buy every thing in her shop!)

In addition, I know have this:

It is a yam plant that Scott’s mother had lovingly started. I’ve have tried to start my own before but seriously, if I can’t keep an already green and thriving thing alive, how am I going to convince something that doesn’t even exist yet to sprout?? I am absolutely fascinated by this yam and it’s pretty leaves – it makes me happy to glance over at it as I’m sitting and editing photos.

And of course, the gourds:

I think the prettiness surrounding me from all these goodies definitely helped me get over my cold in a jiffy! What fall decor do you love?

{ Nina + Erick | Los Angeles Wedding Photography }

Friday, November 6th, 2009

On a sunny morning last month, Nina sat in a chair in her hotel suite, her hair being gathered in a beautiful updo, the last touches of her make-up added on. She was as I’ve seen her everytime – calm, collected and full of smiles – as she beckoned to the room next door where her bridesmaids were getting ready. It was a bustling room of 12 girls, finishing up their make-up, zipping up their dresses, laughing and posing for pictures (and helping me gather the dress, the shoes, the rings for the lovely detail shots – always such a huge help!)

When Nina, done with her hair & make-up, entered the room, they all cheered and and hollered for the the lovely bride, ushering her in quickly to help her with her dress, offer her a drink, give her a warm hug. The energy in the room was electric and vibrant and I kept thinking what an amazing reflection of Nina & Erick it is – to have so many people who so love and encourage them. That their bridal party (all 24, plus 2 sweet flower girls and 3 ringbearers) was filled to the brim with family and friends who could not be happier for them!

Thank you Nina & Erick for allowing us to be part of such a beautiful and lively occasion!

I loved the orange flowers in her hair! A touch of something fresh & romantic in addition to the veil always does wonders:

The guys always tend to get ready a tad faster than the girls, so Scott had time to grab a couple group shots of them. Love this one by the pool!

Nina’s mother was so full of joy at the sight of her daughter:

After the ceremony we headed to a park for the bridal party photos. This was the biggest bridal party we’re photographed to date and it was!