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I find that when a bride and groom are amazingly sweet and awesome, they have most likely filled their life with similar people. Tina is lively and brimming with an amazing energy; Sam has a calm & wonderfully mellow demeanor – but they share the same qualities of warmth, of compassion, of exuding happy, positive vibes. And as I discovered at their wedding, they are surrounded by family and friends who all share such qualities, and it resulted in a beautiful day with all the best components – warm hugs, bursts of laugther, heartfelt speeches, crazy dancing – all moments that make for the very best photos!

Tina is an event planner for Panda Restaurant Group and with her experience, I knew the day would be executed with the utmost finesse and thoughtfulness. They chose a venue that reflected their modern aesthetic and then draped it in details that made me swoon. There was a subtle bird theme that filled the day which I absolutely loved!

And of course there was a huge emphasis on the food (read: my kind of wedding!), catered by Panda Restaurant Group Catering Team which included everything from sweet potato fries, to prime rib, plus the addition of a few “bars”, namely of the sushi, candy, and gelato varieties. See them in all their glory below!

Tina and Sam – thank you so much for entrusting us to capture your phenomenal day! Around every corner was a beautiful moment and a lovely detail, and we could not be more honored to have shared in the day with you!

I loved the sweet moments of Tina and her mother walking hand in hand down the aisle, and the group hug that ensued at the end:

The light during the ceremony was phenomenal:

At the cocktail hour, I came across a boy with a Rubik’s cube – he solved it in front of my very eyes in a matter of seconds!

Tina’s friends Amanda of Fresh Events Company (who I always LOVE working with!) & Alicia of Alicia K Designs helped coordinate all the details of the ceremony and reception:

The candy station!

The sushi bar!

And last, but certainly not least, the gelato corner!

Tina and Sam also had a photobooth with a neighboring crafting station. It was a total hit and guests returned multiple times to take more pictures and make more pages!

Tunes were provided by Jason with 11H Entertainment – he’s always engaging and fun!

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16 Responses to “{ Tina + Sam | Los Angeles Wedding Photography }”

  1. William Kim Says:

    Wow, seriously wow! You rocked it! The photos are beautiful, love them all!

  2. cindy Says:

    her smile is infectious. the color combination is so happy!

  3. Brianna Phelan Says:

    That smile is pure, genuine happiness. It’s gorgeous. Beautiful details and great shots.

  4. Nelly Chung Says:

    Great party Adrienne! Who is the designer of her wedding dress! LOVE IT! I really like how you captured the excitement in each photo! :)

  5. weezermonkey Says:

    You did such a great job documenting my cousin’s wedding! Beautiful!

  6. Amanda Says:

    Awesome Love every picture!! Such vibrant wedding. One of the best wedding that I have attended personally :)

  7. Mai Says:

    You captured the light & colors so vividly well!

  8. Gon Choi Says:

    The pictures are awesome!!!
    But man.. the wedding was well planned out! Send me to the sushi/candy/ice cream bar!!! :)

  9. serena grace Says:

    wow….what a fab wedding! candy buffet, sushi bar, AND gelato corner?! wish i was a guest. =)

  10. Mali Says:

    These are awesome Adrienne! I love how your images look so romantic… Beautiful work!

  11. Dandy Says:

    OMG the sushi stations… I just died!

  12. jenny Says:

    oh my gosh ,what a wonderful wedding, I can feel the joy through the photos ! The guests probably don’t want to go home…. I know I wouldn’t !

  13. ohana photographers Says:

    that bride has THEE most awesome smile ever!! love all the details!!

  14. Allison Davis Says:

    Beautiful wedding. You captured so many fabulous moments of joy and happiness! Truly beautiful images – great details, but more importantly, great happy moments between the bride and groom. :)

  15. Tina Says:

    The day when I saw the pictures on your blog….I think I cry! Everything was so beautiful. It was the best day of my life and you capture all the fun, and joy moments! Including all my crazy big laugh/smiles! I especially love the b/w shot of my honey when he was getting ready! (Good job! Scott! Yeah to the assistant photographer!) Everyone says it look like a CK ad. Just like everyone else, I am in love with the candy, sushi, and gelato shots! (Both Sam and I didn’t even know that’s how they look like because we were too busy to eat!) I gave it all in designing and planning my own wedding and I am so glad you capture all the essences! Thank you so much for your lovely work! I will treasure them forever!

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