{ Heather + Joe | Laguna Beach Engagement Photography }

Valentine’s Day – a wonderful opportunity to consume massive amounts of chocolate, but more importantly, a time to celebrate finding your better half and a chance spend the day with the one you love. And for Heather and Joe, the very start of a special relationship – a date that turned into a fantastic love, that morphed into an engagement, and will soon be a marriage. They will be getting married on Valentine’s Day of next year and I could not be more excited for their wedding!

We met in Laguna Beach for their engagement session and ran around the shops and the shoreline until the sun began to set. I had done a session in Laguna a few weeks prior, and I loved the challenge of finding new nooks and corners and watching the session unfold as a reflection of their relationship. I am a firm believer that even if the backdrop is similar, a session is made unique by each couple and this one definitely has Heather & Joe written all over it! :)

Isn’t Heather stunning? Her make-up and hair were done by Beauty and the Beach.

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9 Responses to “{ Heather + Joe | Laguna Beach Engagement Photography }”

  1. Melissa McClure Says:

    I love the interaction you captured between them, they seem really sweet and loving! And great shots on the beach, they are my fav!

  2. Alicia Harnden Says:

    Ok, you are seriously amazing! Heather and Joe look SO great in these!!! I am giddy now to see what you come up with in February!! Can’t wait to work with you soon!

  3. Julie Foskett Says:

    My favorite is the beach shot! No beaches in AZ, I’m jealous! :)

  4. connieMchung Says:

    love the 2nd to the last! they look like such a sweet couple.

  5. Adrienne Says:

    Thanks everyone for the comments! Alicia – can’t wait to work with you in February!!

  6. ohana photographers Says:

    how cute is this couple!! i love all the shots on the beach! mmm….beachy awesomeness adrienne!!

  7. Stephen Grant Says:

    Such beautiful, cozy light you captured on the beach. Very intimate session, and the angle on the boardwalk needs to jump into a frame on the wall right now! You’ve made some really creative use of some off-the-path spots! :)

  8. Lauren Says:

    Beautiful images Adrienne! The ones with Heather on the beach are so cute :)

  9. Joshua K Says:

    Well done Adrienne!! Love the beach shots, beautiful as always :D

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