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{ Sojin + Larry | Los Angeles Wedding Photography }

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

A bride walking down the aisle is a beautiful thing. As the doors to the church swing open and the light fills up the hall, it’s as if everyone’s breath stops, and the only thing in the room is the beaming, glowing bride. But, in that same moment, it’s wise to take a look at the groom. Because the joy reflected back in a groom’s face is another level of captivating. To see the expression in his eyes, to watch the story of their relationship flash across his face, to see the usually silly, strong, manly men we all know in a state of absolute adoration – to me that look embodies so much of the very reason for the day.

These are the moments that filled up Sojin and Larry’s wedding. I had just met Sojin and Larry that day, but Sojin’s smile as she walked down the aisle and Larry’s face when he first caught sight of her immediately indicated to me what their love was like – deep, palpable, and made to last. They are both so sweet, warm, and real, and it was an honor to accompany Serena Grace in documenting their wedding day!

After the ceremony, we visited a nearby park for some additional portraits…

Then on to the reception. Loved their choreographed first dance!

This was quite possibly the most adorable baby I have ever seen. Look at those cheeks!

I’ll finish with a quick shot of Serena and I at the end of the night. I absolutely love shooting with her!

{ Jenn + Ron | San Diego Engagement Photography }

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

I love when you meet someone and instantly feel that “click.” The conversation just flows, you’re totally on the same wavelength, you bond over a love of tea lattes, or silly reality shows, or of course, weddings :) I felt the much-coveted click the first time Jenn and I spoke in a phone conversation. Her warm and bubbly personality and excitement about her wedding day was absolutely contagious and I was so excited when she booked me right over the phone! This past weekend I drove down to San Diego to meet Jenn and her fiance Ron for the first time. It was a delight to find that they are both so open and down-to-earth and most of all such troopers – the temperatures were a raging 95 degrees that day but you could never tell from their relaxed smiles and warm laughs.

They had originally wanted to do the session at Balboa Park, but an Earth Day celebration meant hoards of people and impossible parking. Instead we headed to Coronado which proved to be the perfect alternative!

Isn’t Jenn just gorgeous?

Ron is quite dapper himself:

Jenn has a background in dance – look at those moves!

The light was just perfect…

We then headed to North Park to wrap up the session:

Jenn & Ron – thank you for enduring the temps and for a wonderful afternoon! Can’t wait until your wedding in Santa Barbara next month!

{ Peggy + Ben | Santa Monica Engagment Photography }

Monday, April 20th, 2009

The magical place. Scott and I first happened upon it while visiting a park in Malibu, which we were considering for an upcoming e-session. Unfortunately after much walking and hiking and exploring (all in flip flops on my part – fail!), we left, realizing the park didn’t quite have the “wow” factor that made me want to rave about it to a couple. I was feeling a bit dejected (and sunburnt), as I had high hopes for the park, so Scott suggested we drive through the hills on the way back and catch some glimpses of the little hippie cottages that line the windy road (a sure-fire way to cheer up even the gloomiest of dispositions).

And that’s when we found it.

Right off the side of the road – tall trees, a mountainous backdrop, and the most delicious juicy light. I could have just drank it with a straw! It was, as Mary Poppins would say, practically perfect in every way.

So this is how we ended up at “the magical place” (as it has since been named) last week, with the wonderful Peggy & Ben for their engagement session. I had met Ben during our consultation, but it was my first time meeting Peggy, and I could see how her bright personality and infectious laughter were the perfect complement to Ben’s warm demeanor. They are so silly and sweet and in love and it was a dream to spend the afternoon with them. They live in San Jose but will be getting married in LA this June – can’t wait for their wedding!

We then headed to the Santa Monica Pier to soak up the remainder of the day’s light:

Love all the splashes of color!