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{ Elizabeth + Minho | Los Angeles Wedding Photography }

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

You wouldn’t have believed it if you hadn’t seen it yourself. It had been dark and gloomy all morning – rainy in fact, with light drizzles pattering our windshield as Scott and I drove to Elizabeth & Minho’s wedding. The cloudy weather continued as Elizabeth’s bridesmaids rushed around her in her home, helping fasten her dress and adorn her with jewels, it continued as we drove over to the church, even as we walked over to the nearby park for their first look.

And that’s when it happened – right as Elizabeth walked up to Minho, right as he turned to see her, right as both their faces lit up as they caught their first glimpse of each other on their wedding day – the clouds parted and the sun peeked through, as if in realization of the weight of the moment. And as we finished up portraits of the two of them together, Elizabeth proclaimed with a huge smile: “I had been praying for this weather!!” It was incredibly fortunate that the weather worked in our favor, but to be totally honest, their joy alone would have been enough to light up the day :)

Elizabeth & Minho – thank you for allowing us to witness your beautiful wedding and share in your happiest moments! Wishing you all the best for years to come!

As the girls finished up at the house, Scott grabbed this shot of Minho at the church:

On the way to the park:

The girls:

Elizabeth was going to tap Minho on the shoulder, but instead pulled the old “back of the knee” trick. Love it!

And here comes the sun:

The bridesmaids’ flowy pink dresses were an absolute dream! I’ve calmed down over the years in terms of being a ginormous pink fanatic, but when I saw these dresses I immediately reverted to the kindergartener who used the “red-violet” crayon religiously down to a stub while the rest of the Crayolas went untouched (especially white, who ever used white?)

This awesome shot was all Minho’s idea! They’re “looking for Elizabeth”. haha.

As the bridal party headed back to the church to help prep for the ceremony, we grabbed a few more shots of just the two of them..

Elizabeth was absolutely radiant:

And Minho was looking quite handsome himself:


{ Splash of Color }

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

Just a couple shots from two amazing weddings from this past weekend. In my last post, I definitely should have included “bright colored wedding shoes” because I pretty much have a signature squeal that I emit every time a bride pulls out a colorful pair. While white is beautifully elegant, that pop of color is always a fun surprise!

In other news, I’ve succumbed to the Twitter craze. Let’s be Twitter friends! :) I think the intrigue of it all is that it’s so fast-paced. If you don’t check your twitters for a day it’s like you missed the apocalypse and everyone’s already on a rocketship to Pluto while you’re still catching up on what so-and-so had for breakfast. Because I definitely need one more online network to get addicted to!

Stay tuned for more wedding images coming soon…

{ I love you more than… }

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

Been a busy couple of weeks! My life is currently 50% editing, 50% meetings, 10% facebook, 8% being obsessed with almond-flavored things (namely cookies, and jello), and 0.25% not having the time to deal with percentages ;) In the midst of it all I always make sure to fit in some blog-reading time and came across this amazing little site the other day, featured on Joanna Goddard’s blog (which is one of my daily must-reads). I immediately fell in love with the concept and spent wayyyy too long scrolling through and reading all the colorful little hearts.

And then I got this uncontrollable urge (as you may be experiencing at this very moment) to think of some things I really love. As awesome as everything that’s been keeping me busy as been, it was nice taking a breather and just remembering some little simple things that make my heart happy… Here’s my little contribution:

I love you more than milk tea lattes.
I love you more than scavenger hunts.
I love you more than the perfect ketchup-to-fries ratio.
I love you more than crossing things off my to-do list.
I love you more than Starbucks giftcards.
I love you more than pillow talk.
I love you more than the first warm day after the COLDEST SO CAL WINTER EVER.
I love you more than Cheez-Its (regular and white cheddar both).
I love you more than
I love you more than waking up and realizing you still have 2 more glorious hours left to sleep.

and lastly,

I love you more than browsing blogs (and that’s a whole lotta love)!

And what about you?