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I just have to keep reminding myself that in a few short weeks, it will get very very cold there and I would end up being very very miserable. Because if I don’t keep doing that, I will just be forced to pack up all my things and drive all the way up the coast to Portland, so I can once again frolick in The Coolest City in the World. Because I loved every little thing about it – the cute cafes, the trinket-infused shops, the hipsters on their single-speed bikes, the pots of flowers hanging from the street lamps, the fountains around every corner, the wide open river, the green green trees to match the green green environmentally-happy attitude. But I just have to remember that eventually it will get cold and gray, and remind myself how cold and gray and me have never gotten along and are prone to nasty cat fights. And even cuddling up with a perfect cup of coffee from Stumptown and a perfect book from Powell’s would not be enough to console me. Or would it…?

We stayed at the amazing Hotel Lucia – a hip, modern yet classy boutique hotel with some of the best service ever. We felt sufficiently spoiled!!

Here’s Scott meticulously planning the day while I shoot ninja-style in the corner:

The Ace Hotel was another hotel we considered, and while we ended up choosing Lucia at the end, we knew we could not miss a visit there, with its adjoining Stumptown Coffee and a perfect vintage photobooth!

Waiting for our photos to arrive…


Next door to Ace is a bustling eatery known as Kenny & Zuke’s and I am SO glad we paid a visit there! My reuben was fantastical but Scott’s latkes might have been even better. (I only stole a couple, I swear.)

We spent quite a bit of time in the fabulous Pearl District, full of restaurants, shops and parks. Portland is just so jam-packed with awesome gift stores – a couple of our favorites were Canoe and it’s next door neighbor, Flora.

The Pearl District was also home to Jamison Square with an awesome fountain/local water park:

We couldn’t miss Portland’s Saturday Market, full of booths brimming with art and good food:

Or the famous Powell’s Books, the largest private used/new bookstore in the world:

We walked to most places but took the streetcar to get to Mississippi Ave., a quaint teensy little neighborhood on the east side. It was here where we stumbled upon the best food of the trip, Scott’s blackened salmon sandwich from Gravy. (Think bacon and gobs of cream cheese. Just gobs.)

And there you have it. I want to send out a special thank you to Serena & Abby for recommending a lot of the fantastic little places we were able to visit.

And Portland, don’t you get too used to me not being there eating all your food and buying all your cute irresistable  paraphernalia – I’ll be back before you know it!!

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19 Responses to “{ Portland }”

  1. Eutychus22 Says:


    sweet pics.

    didn’t know portland was so…interesting.

  2. gonchoi Says:

    awesome pictures!  i want to go there now! =)

  3. naner502 Says:

    Looks like a nice city to visit. Thanks for showing me around :)

  4. Skunkabilly Says:

    yay!  funnnnn

  5. survive_style_five Says:

    I think the “You are Beautiful” mirror is awesome. Reminds me of this graffitti artist, http://www.you-are-beautiful.com/
    Anyway, also I think the photobooth pic of you and your boyfriend is really cute. Only ones I can find around here are the Korean ones that spits out stickers or poloroids.

  6. dimsom Says:

    CUTE!  it’s still on my list of places to visit soon…i’ll be asking for recommendations =)

  7. ibizajb Says:

    portland never looked so good.

  8. GERKshinobi Says:

    awesome! were these all with your p&s? they came out really well  =)

  9. akamaichan Says:

    Yay! update!! i live for these you know… makes the days at work a little more bearable…the 7am-4pm life is kinda getting to me. kinda. wish i could get away like that! my next “big” get away is friday for dinner and lucielles!! most exciting thing this month so far haha! :]

  10. adriennephoto Says:

    @survive_style_five – That “You are Beautiful” street art is awesome. Thanks for sharing!
    @dimsom – Sure! So many places to recommend, just let me know! Although I must warn you, I might get all weepy and nostalgic and have to make you take me with you. haha.
    @GERKshinobi – Most are with my P&S although a few are with my SLR. I was carrying around my 40D for the first day but got all tuckered out with all the walking and switched to my P&S after that.
    @akamaichan – Yay, see you on Friday!! Can’t wait for the apple butter. Mmmm.

  11. iheartphotos Says:

    awesome!!!!  so many of my friends have been visiting portland recently and everyone seems to be having the best experiences!  that coffee looks soo cute!

  12. adriennephoto Says:

    @iheartphotos – The coffee was soo cute! Everything in Portland was soo cute and I couldn’t stop mentioning it – I’m sure I sounded like a broken record!!

  13. dimsom Says:

    @adriennephoto – hahaha FOSHO!  u fit in a carry-on right?  

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Oh, I love oregon! We went on a road trip up there last summer for a baby moon. My husband always talks about how he wants to move there. It looks like your trip was amazing! I’ll definitely have to keep all of those spots in mind for when we go back next!

  15. DrFantastic Says:

    ahhhhh! I love the artistic value in all your photos. From the photos of the photo strip to the “you are beautiful mirror” and the reflection of floor with the book!!! 

  16. Anonymous Says:

    I am so glad you had a good time!
    Your photos are gorgeous!

  17. jasminemariephotography Says:

    I didn’t know Portland was so cutesy. I’ve mentally added it to my “to visit” list. :)

    Thanks for letting us travel with you.

    Hope you are well!

  18. sdohana Says:

    you kill me with your awesome pictures of food!!! oh that sandwich!! love all your shots especially the photobooth! too funny!

  19. Anonymous Says:

    The wife and I need a trip like this!  But she would strangle me for stopping to take a pic every 10 feet :) 

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