{ Megan & Curtis: Married! }

One of the most heartwarming things to me is a couple who laughs together. To me, synced-up senses of humor are sexier than candlelight dinners. An intimate joke is more romantic than a bouquet of roses. Silly faces are sweeter than any box of chocolates. A couple that laughs together, stays together, isn’t that what they say? Those words kept popping up in my head during Megan and Curtis’s beautiful Palos Verdes wedding, held at the gorgeous Point Vicente Interpretive Center. They were both so laidback, so real, and shared the sweetest laughs together. They were a beautiful reminder of how it feels when your soulmate is also your best friend.

Thank you to Dave Richards for having me along to second shoot. I love shooting with him – he is so knowledgeable and every wedding I’ve accompanied him to has been beautiful and just downright FUN!

Walking down the “aisle”, which was really a beautiful winding road right along the ocean:

So in love…

These trees with their delicate arrangements were my favorite! I could have filled up a memory card with just straight-up tree shots. They later brought them inside to decorate the reception as well – genius!

A glance at the cheering guests:

Their wedding had a beautiful ocean-inspired collection of details:

Even Megan’s hair was even adorned with starfish!

Some portraits…

As we moved from one spot to another I went to pick up Megan’s shoes (which she had abandoned for a couple shots… every girl knows how good it feels to free your feet!!). To my pleasant surprise, I found one of the shoes flipped over to reveal these sweet messages!

They had a steel drum band playing awesome music during the cocktail hour:

Joyful toasts during the reception (Megan’s father informed us that Curtis initially wanted a “pirate” themed wedding!)

One last view from the venue…

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18 Responses to “{ Megan & Curtis: Married! }”

  1. Skunkabilly Says:

    OMG. Such beautiful pictures as always.

    The best part is her dad looks like William Shatner. LOL

  2. Anonymous Says:

    they’re so cute! i love the starfish in her hair, and i love the 7th to last picture, too. can you write sweet messages on my shoe when i get married? haha.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Haha that William Shatner line was MINE! Thanks again for coming along Adrienne! You did a great job and I am looking forward to working with you again soon!

  4. adriennephoto Says:

    @Skunkabilly – 

    Thanks Jeff! And he totally does – I’m sure he gets that ALL the time. haha.

    @Christine – 

    Thanks! Of course I will write sweet messages on your shoe! Can I have a whole shoe to myself? haha.

    @Dave RIchards – 

    Haha you’re right, you did notice that first! Thanks again for letting me come along. I am totally looking forward to shooting with you again in the future!

  5. bloorozez Says:

    beautiful wedding! starfish and all =)

  6. GERKshinobi Says:

    ahh RPV! what a gorgeous wedding! and awesomee shots too =)

  7. gonchoi Says:

    oh man the place is beautiful!!! Where is it?

  8. sdohana Says:

    that first image is AWESOME!!! wow that view! you made the most of it too! lovin your details, you out did yourself girl!

  9. jilleur Says:

    wow wedding near the ocean that’s so sweet!! my wedding has to be there too someday,and you’ll be the photographer, adrienne!! ^^^^ I am always so curious of your new pics that I can’t wait that they take so much time to load!!^^ lovely pics!!

  10. Anonymous Says:

    great photos!! and those messages under her shoe!! that’s the coolest idea ever! :P

  11. ibizajb Says:

    those are some awesome pictures and on ur previous entries as well!

  12. adriennephoto Says:

    @bloorozez – 

    Thank you :)

    @GERKshinobi – 

    Thanks! Do you go to PV often? I grew up in Torrance so it was right around the corner (or up the hill…)

    @gonchoi – 

    The Point Vicente Interpretive Center in PV! Just drive right up PV Drive :)

    @sdohana – 

    Thanks! Yeah the view was killer!

    @jilleur – 

    Thanks! :) I hope to one day have a wedding along the ocean too!

    @Lorelei Photography – 

    Thanks! Isn’t it? I got all excited when I saw it. haha.

    @ibizajb – 

    Thank you! :)

  13. GERKshinobi Says:

    @adriennephoto – 

    i go up there every now and then, but really not too often. maybe once or twice a year?

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Awesome job, Adrienne!  I love the lighting on all of the images :D  Keep up the good work!

  15. adriennephoto Says:

    @Furious Photographers – 

    Thanks Lawrence! :)

  16. Skunkabilly Says:

    Hey girl what are you and Scott doing this weekend?

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Aw man, can’t believe I missed this. Great work! Can’t wait to see the next one!

  18. zhoo Says:

    I like that beautiful smile from the bride. so touching. The decoration including the ocean stars are so neatly put together, simply amazing.

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