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{ Pamper Me Fabulous }

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

From the moment I heard the name of the event, I knew it was going to be something to go gaga for. And as I learned more about the details – luxurious spas providing their treatments, decadent desserts and hors d’oeuvres, samples of great products, all rolled up into a chic downtown loft – I began envisioning a pampering paradise, with bright colors, sweet smells, and massages and facials around every corner.

But my mind’s images paled in comparison to what Ada and her team at Fresh Events actually created! The ambiance was that much more soothing, the services that much more luxurious, the sweets melted in your mouth that much more. Every detail was meticulously planned to create a feast for the senses and a haven for the guests, right smack in downtown LA. I was so honored to be there to capture the event and I know if they put on another pampering extravaganza I would definitely love to attend again… maybe next time as a guest?? :)

The space! Inside…

And out…

Amazing fruit baskets provided by Couture Baskets, set under relaxing cabanas:

The treats!

Ciudad Grill…

Moonpillows – mochi filled with chocolate truffle centers!

The Sugar Spot – the green tea was my fave!

They rounded up some hottie male models to serve the guests…

Checking in:

Each guest received a gorgeous pink wristlet complete with a program for the day:

And once you enter – spas and salons galore!

And in between treatments there was relaxing under the cabanas…

… hanging out in the Photo Cabina…

… and a raffle! Ada and Amanda start it off –

One of the many cool prizes:

To mix it up they had the model from CWE come up to choose a few lucky winners:

I leave you with just a couple shots of the gorgeous ladies of Fresh Events!

Thank you so much Ada for giving me the opportunity to photograph the amazing day and a big thank you to Dave for the referral!

{ Megan & Curtis: Married! }

Monday, August 11th, 2008

One of the most heartwarming things to me is a couple who laughs together. To me, synced-up senses of humor are sexier than candlelight dinners. An intimate joke is more romantic than a bouquet of roses. Silly faces are sweeter than any box of chocolates. A couple that laughs together, stays together, isn’t that what they say? Those words kept popping up in my head during Megan and Curtis’s beautiful Palos Verdes wedding, held at the gorgeous Point Vicente Interpretive Center. They were both so laidback, so real, and shared the sweetest laughs together. They were a beautiful reminder of how it feels when your soulmate is also your best friend.

Thank you to Dave Richards for having me along to second shoot. I love shooting with him – he is so knowledgeable and every wedding I’ve accompanied him to has been beautiful and just downright FUN!

Walking down the “aisle”, which was really a beautiful winding road right along the ocean:

So in love…

These trees with their delicate arrangements were my favorite! I could have filled up a memory card with just straight-up tree shots. They later brought them inside to decorate the reception as well – genius!

A glance at the cheering guests:

Their wedding had a beautiful ocean-inspired collection of details:

Even Megan’s hair was even adorned with starfish!

Some portraits…

As we moved from one spot to another I went to pick up Megan’s shoes (which she had abandoned for a couple shots… every girl knows how good it feels to free your feet!!). To my pleasant surprise, I found one of the shoes flipped over to reveal these sweet messages!

They had a steel drum band playing awesome music during the cocktail hour:

Joyful toasts during the reception (Megan’s father informed us that Curtis initially wanted a “pirate” themed wedding!)

One last view from the venue…

{ Joyce and Yuki: Married! }

Monday, August 4th, 2008

I admit I get teary-eyed at least once during most weddings. As a second shooter I’ve probably just met the couple that day, but still get so touched by the connection of two people so incredibly in love. So you can imagine how actually knowing the couple – in this case it was the bride Joyce – and sharing 14 years of friendship, sprinkled with graduations, heartbreaks, losses of loved ones, and laughter and tears alike, can do to someone.  I bawled at the rehearsal dinner, I bawled when she was walking down the aisle, I bawled during the toasts, I think I even shed a tear during the first dance and it was the TANGO for goodness sakes. But I was SO happy for her. I mentioned this (between sniffs and snorts) in my speech at the rehearsal dinner, but Joyce, more than anyone else I know, was made to be an amazing wife and mother. She is one of the most loving and caring people I know and as her sister put it, “Yuki, you are the luckiest man in the world.”

Since I was a bridesmaid, I was banished from shooting the wedding, but I still snuck my camera along for some shots of the beautiful day. Joyce planned the entire wedding herself and did most of it from all the way across the Pacific Ocean in Japan, where Yuki is stationed and she studying at Cordon Bleu of Tokyo. Since I was generally out of commission, she asked Scott to document the day, along with the awesomely talented Jonathan Chan. From the perspective of a bridesmaid, I can say he made the portrait sessions really fun and relaxed and was a great photographer overall!

Enough of my babbling, on with the show! Most of these are my shots from those in-between moments when I was able to grab my camera. I’ve also included and noted the awesome shots Scott took that day!

Joyce was just radiating happiness from the moment she woke up (which was at 5 am! The only thing I radiate at that hour is grumpiness and um, bad breath. A big thank you to Christine for letting us all crash at her place!)

Scott grabbed this shot of us getting ready:

Joyce’s Jimmy Choos. Aren’t they elegant?

And of course, the dress:

I snuck this shot from the backseat on the way to the ceremony site:

Yuki and the swordsmen:

Careful! Watching that lipstick…

I could not get enough of her gorgeous bouquet!

Scott captured these moments during the ceremony, which was held at the Admiral Kidd Center on the naval base in San Diego:

“You may not pass until you kiss the bride…”

Post-ceremony.. liberating our feet:

Once the ceremony was over I was reunited with my camera. Good thing too – there were so many stunning details during the reception that I probably would have gone crazy had I not been able to take pictures of any of it!

Joyce used a crane theme for the wedding and folded almost all of them herself. She told me how she was working on them even as she flew from Tokyo to LA.

It doesn’t get much better than a chocolate fountain:

Yuki’s sword makes an excellent cake cutter:

More shots of the sexy tango…

Dancing with her grandfather…

Prepping for the garter toss:

A really cool thing that Jonathan Chan did was set up a little photo corner, where the guests could take pictures of themselves. You can check out all the hilarious shots on his blog, but I borrowed a few shots to show you what happens when photographers get in front of the camera:

After the reception we took a one-hour breather, and then rushed to the beach for some more portraits. We made it just in time to catch that sparkly sunset light!

On the walk to the shore Scott had a moment of inspiration and set this shot up:

Joyce requested the shot below, which Scott snapped. It was an awesome idea!

Joyce, I love you and wish you and Yuki a lifetime of joyful moments together. I hope you’re having a killer time on your honeymoon in Thailand, swimming and eating banana pancakes every morning! Can’t wait til you’re back in LA!