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{ Furious Photographers Workshop }

Friday, July 25th, 2008

I remember when I attended the first Furious Photographers workshop. Boy was I excited. But I was also nervous. I was fidgety. I had more than a couple butterflies milling around inside of me. After all, I was as newbie as newbie gets.

Fast forward a bit to the 2nd Furious Photographers workshop and just a few things have changed. I came this time with a better knowledge of my camera. A couple more lenses. A few more memory cards. A cool bag to hold it all in. And though I still had a bit of that nervous-excited feeling in my tummy I also felt this awesome reassuring calm that hey, these are a bunch of cool dudes. Dudes who don’t mind that I am a newbie – who in fact embrace my newbieness (and everyone else’s newbieness) and kindly show us the ropes. Fun, helpful dudes who led an awesome first workshop and a top-of-the-notch 2nd one as well!!

For this one we met at their killer home studio and learned some of the business side of wedding photography before heading off on an awesome shoot in downtown LA. Gavin of Gavin Photography led us to an explosion of rainbow colors… I can’t believe I never knew this place existed! After shooting there we went back to the studio and covered some post-processing techniques. Fun and informative, doesn’t get much better than that!

A big thank you to Andrew and Megan – the gorgeous models who could not take a bad picture if they tried their darndest, to Peter for referring them, and All Made Up for their dazzling make-up and hair artistry. And of course to the FP team for an amazing day!

Aren’t they both gorgeous?

And now for a few behind-the-scenes photos…

Doug in the studio:

Lawrence demonstrates:

The Furious Photographers setting up the shots… they make great models too!

Kevin keeps one eye out for traffic:

With Tawny!

At the end of the day the Furious Photographers took a quick group photo! See the final result on their blog:

{ Showered with Love }

Sunday, July 20th, 2008

It’s a typical bridal shower game. The groom is asked a series of questions prior to the shower, then the bride is asked the same questions in the hopes that they answer in sync. This bridal shower had a tech-savvy version, complete with the groom’s answers on video. The final question: “what phrase do you use the most between you two?” There were a few misaligned answers to some of the earlier questions, but for this one, the bride and the groom answered in perfect harmony.

“I love you.”

Joyce’s bridal shower was held a couple weekends ago and as a bridesmaid I got to assist in the planning. After throwing around a few themes we decided on a tea party because the idea of cute teapots, dainty snacks, and colorful summer dresses was just too alluring to pass up! Although I contributed a bit (like purchasing 18 tons of toilet paper for the infamous TP bride game), I was amazed by the work of the other bridesmaids and mainly her sister, the maid of honor. They all came up with such cute ideas and exquisite touches that really made the bridal shower something memorable and oh-so-Joyce – classy, girly, and unique. Joyce contributed a lot of her own personal touches as well (like amazing dipped shortbread cookies for favors… did I mention she’s in culinary school? Lucky us!!) I was so glad I brought my camera because I could not get enough of the detail shots!

Joyce, like always, was all smiles:

The preparations:

Lots of details… the gorgeous floral arrangements were created by the groom’s mother:

I thought it was awesome how the decor of the clubhouse matched our theme. Everything sans what’s on the tables was already there!

Meet Gloria – Joyce’s sister, MOH, and miracle worker :)

The goodies!

These were my contributions:

Fun and games:

Present time! Thought these were adorable:

I’ll let your imagination go wild for this one…

Lastly, a shot with Joyce and Christine, two of my very best friends. We’ve all known each other since junior high – seems we were just passing notes (folded into hearts and other creative shapes, of course) between classes to each other and now one of us is getting MARRIED. Where oh where has the time gone??

{ Hawai’i }

Thursday, July 10th, 2008

You kids are all too astute, and as much as I would have LOVED to visit the Dominican Republic, HAWAII is in fact the correct answer! I went with my taiko group and we performed 4 shows – all joint shows with local taiko groups who kindly shared their drums and prevented us from having to lug 80 tons of equipment across the Pacific.

What was so awesome about doing these joint shows was meeting so many cool people, all people who lived, breathed, worked, and ate lots of delicious spam on the islands and therefore showed us the real-life side of Hawaii, not just the Waikiki-touristy-trap side of Hawaii. Not that I would have really known the difference because it was my first time ever (yes, EVER) setting foot on the islands. It was a great first trip since we got a preview of a few different places, spending a few days each in Honolulu, Maui, and Hilo. Each had it’s own unique vibe – Honolulu with it’s busy streets and colorful shops, Maui with its grassy plains and open skies, Hilo with its… mosquitoes. (Kidding, kidding! Check out the pics below to see what awesome stuff we actually did there.)

Anyway, even though a lot of the days were spent tech-ing/performing/steaming costumes (I can now wield a steamer like no other) inside of dark theaters rather than out on the beaches, I did feel like I got to see a good hunk of what Hawaii has to offer. I might have even gotten a LITTLE tan, just enough not to blind the world whenever I wear shorts. But enough with the rambling, on with the pictures! A few notes:

– This is a MONSTER picture post. Consider yourself warned. If you’re not paying attention the post might come right out of your monitor and maul your face.
– I used a vintage action on some of these that I found on flickr through a friend. It is absolutely awesome and upon finding it I applied it on every picture I’ve ever taken and ooh’d and aah’d for hours. Then I’d take the action off and I’d grimace because regular non-vintagy pictures just don’t cut it anymore.
– I didn’t get too many pictures in the theaters since I figured theaters are not a safe place for little ole (read: big, obvious) cameras. The few you’ll see are taken with my trusty point-and-shoot, because I figured it could handle the dangerous territory.

My first glimpse of Hawaii. I believe I was simultaneously yelling, “OH GOD IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL” while taking this shot.

We started off in Oahu. This is one of my first glimpses of Hawaii from the ground. Insert some more exciting yelling about how it “looks so Hawaii!!!” here.

Byron is ready to move.

Jimbo’s in Honolulu. This place has some of the best udon I’ve ever had in my life.

Next on to Maui! A shot of the TAIKOPROJECT girls.

Some Zenshin kids helping with the load-in:


Meet Jen. She was my photo buddy during the trip!

Maz, shot from the hip:

The gorgeous sugar cane fields (taken while driving, oh you know you’ve done it too):

The leaders of Zenshin Daiko own a candy store!

Tomomi outside the shop.

Our free day in Maui was spent at the beach!

My first taste of poke! How have I been missing out on this stuff for the last 25 years??

And then it was off to Hilo! We received a warm welcome:

Super loco. On the menu it said it came with a side of “salad”. I thought, ooh, some nice healthy salad with my 90,000 calorie loco! Turns out it was mac salad. Which is fine, because I know I was subconsciously hoping it was mac salad.


We all stayed at Bryan’s parents’ house which was huge and gorgeous and a party for your camera:

On our free day in Hilo we visited Akaka Falls (I giggled when I heard it because I’m immature. Oh look, I just giggled again right now.)

We also visited the Farmer’s Market:

And had some shave ice, because there is nothing worse than going to Hawaii and forgetting to eat shave ice:

Hilo was also where I had my first experience with a banyan tree. I thought it was incredibly fascinating, and so, tried to take a picture of it. This was before I learned that banyans are impossible to take pictures of. They’re like, too big, or something. I spent the rest of the trip figuring that out. Here’s one of my better shots, and it was taken from a car, that was moving:

After Hilo it was back to Honolulu! Some shots at the Hawaii Theatre:

Another girl shot, concentrating hard because you know, point-and-shoots, tough stuff.

The show in Honolulu was especially meaningful to me since my parents & sister were there! Apparently when I told them I would be going to Hawaii with my group, they decided to make a trip out of it, since they had never been before either. Yes, we are a family of Hawaii n00bs.

A few shots at Waikiki, where they were staying:

Oh look, another banyan!

My little sister, who is a kickass photographer:

After hanging out with the fam I met back up with taiko peeps for a farewell BBQ. This shot below was of some kind of exciting finish-your-bag-of-juice competition but all I could think about was how pretty the light was and how I wanted everyone to stand there, for as long as possible, all the time.

This is the last banyan shot I attempted. This one has some sort of alien growth on it and sprouts flowers that look like streetlights:

These flowers on the other hand are a photographer’s best friend:

Phew, that’s all folks! Back to real life and a promise to attempt to update more frequently! Thanks for reading!! :)