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{ Megan + Jordan | Los Angeles Wedding Photography }

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

“I can’t wait to see what she looks like,” Jordan smiled as he stood against the hotel room window. The guys’ getting-ready room was indeed full of manliness – drinking beers, cracking jokes, helping one another tie their manly ties – but in that confessional moment there was a glimpse of softness and love. Glimpses that continued throughout the rest of the day – in the long looks Jordan gave Megan during the ceremony, the secret smiles they shared in the crowded reception hall, their laughs on the dance floor. As was stated over and over again in the toast speeches, you could really see that they were perfect for each other!

A big thank you to Dave Richardsfor inviting me to tag along and for sharing his awesome expertise with me. And to Megan & Jordan for letting me be a part of their amazingly fun day!

I usually like to obsessively-compulsively blog the day in order, but I just can’t resist starting off with these first couple shots since they show off their spectacular wedding colors! Can’t get enough of the red:

**And now back to our regularly scheduled chronological post**

Jordan relaxes in the hotel room:

Megan & Jordan were married at St. Brendan’s Catholic Church in Los Angeles. It was breathtaking – and had special meaning since Megan’s parents were also married here!

After the ceremony it was a short drive to the Wilshire Country Club for the reception. Cue the detail shots! I love the choice of gerber daisies – they’re my fave:

A few portraits…

Megan was radiant :)

Their first dance was choreographed and absolutely adorable:

I love this shot because there were so many moments like this throughout the day – little intimate we-are-so-in-hopelessly-in-love moments!

A beautiful father daughter dance…

And of course the mother-son dance as well:

And while we’re on the topic of dancing, can I just say that Megan & Jordan’s entire set of family and friends know how to break it down like no other?? All ages, big and small – I was having so much fun just running around the dance floor capturing everyone’s moves:

One last shot of the night!

{ Teaser }

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

I was hoping to have a full-fledged, all-inclusive, brand-spanking new post up today, but alas, pictures do not edit themselves. For now I leave you with a one shot from the awesome wedding I helped shoot last weekend with the equally awesome Dave Richards! You know any bride that sports red shoes will have an amazing wedding!! Will try to have the rest of them up by the end of the week!


{ Practice Space }

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

As you drive down into the underground parking structure you begin to hear it, a low rumbling sound. It gets louder and louder as you descend into the garage until finally you find yourself in the midst of it all – pounding, echoing, reverberating. Welcome to the life of a collegiate taiko player. Due to a lack of practice space, UCLA’s Yukai Daiko practices in this underground structure weekly – arranging the drums on the asphalt, creating vibrations off the concrete walls, and setting off more than a few car alarms in the process.

Scott and I stopped by one of their practices a couple weeks ago to drop off some drinks (because what could make you thirstier than beating big drums in a parking lot?) and to check out their practice. This was the group where I got my taiko start and it lies very close to my heart. It makes me so happy to see these kids playing the drums with the same enthusiasm year after year. Not noticing the stark walls, the stuffy air, the deafening noise – but focusing only on their love of the art and their love for each other.

There was a birthday in the group so cupcakes were in order…

But these boys are too tough for cupcakes.

In other news, am looking forward to a fun opportunity this weekend!  Hopefully will have an exciting new post for you Monday morning!